TechSee Live Call Center

Let your agents see what the customer sees and visually guide them

TechSee Call Center Benefits

TechSee for Call Centers enables fast, effective problem diagnosis and resolution between your Tech Support Agents and your Customers. The Agent-facing interface is designed with the understanding that every second counts in a call center operation, and so the visual connection and communication with a Customer’s mobile device must be blazing fast, the bandwidth consumption minimal and the communication line secured. The Customer-facing mobile web app is so simple that anyone, of any age can use it, including customers who are hearing or visually impaired. If your Customer has a smartphone and can tap on a screen, they are ready to have their tech issues solved by your Agent armed with TechSee.
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TechSee is the market leader in intelligent visual support solutions for service and product providers. Our game-changing visual support technology can dramatically reduce your cost of providing technical support while elevating your customers’ service experience. TechSee’s SaaS solution is extremely fast to deploy and simple to use for your CSRs and your customers. Designed for Call Centers by Call Center experts, TechSee is optimized for your Call Center workflow and IT environment.

  • Plug-and-play enterprise solution
  • Launches directly from agents desktop browser
  • No download or installation
  • Integrates with existing CRMs
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Mobile is where your customers spends most of their digital lives and they expect you to be there when they need your support.

With TechSee, your customer can cut through the frustration of trying to verbally describe their issue by showing you their environment with the simple tap of a screen – no downloads, app installation or account login required. They show your Agent exactly what they see, and your agent can virtually identify the problem and guide them to a solution using TechSee’s Augmented Reality technology. By using our solution our enterprises have achieved dramatic improvement in customer satisfaction.

  • No downloads, no app stores, no login or passwords
  • Private and secured
  • Migrates seamlessly between Wifi, 3G , LTE connections
  • Adaptive Streaming technology minimizes Data consumption


Tech support agents spend most of their day solving the same set of problems multiple times for different customers. They have the knowledge and skills to solve tech issues, but their ability to do so quickly and efficiently depends on the ability of the customer to describe the problem. This communication barrier leads to mutual frustration Agents and Customers, resulting in unnecessarily long and costly call durations, costlier Truck Rolls, decreased customer satisfaction, and even churn.. Underutilized agents become frustrated.

TechSee eliminates this dependency once and for all, empowering Agents to rely on themselves rather than customers and use their technical knowledge much more effectively. The results are significant increases to Agent productivity and satisfaction, happier customers, and a leaner technical support call center operation.

  • Quickly turn any audio call into an interactive, visual multimedia call
  • Simple to use Visual Dashboard
  • Powerful tools for agents to guide customers
  • Visual knowledge database

Featured Capabilities

Our call center product is perfectly tailored for any service provider with a technical support operation. It has all the features for monitoring and training including silent observing, three-way conferencing for expert consultations. Our knowledge-base features customer history for recurring issues, a visual agent reference library for best-path resolutions, embedded visual call script guidance, and agent training application. Our robust security and privacy protocols and agent management features complete the package, making TechSee ready for call center deployment.

  • Augmented Reality guidance tools
  • Equipment recognition
  • Visual analytics and reporting
  • Over 90% mobile device coverage
  • CRM Integration

Proven ROI

TechSee-live-page-small-icons-07 NPS Customer Experience 40% Increase
TechSee-live-page-small-icons-09 Technician Dispatch Rate 17% Decrease
TechSee-live-page-small-icons-10 Average Call Handling Time 12% Decrease
TechSee-live-page-small-icons-11 First Call Resolution20% Increase