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Guide to CCW 2017

Your Guide to CCW 2017: Don’t Miss These Sessions!

Written By: Liad Churchill Head of Marketing @ TechSee This year’s CCW boasts world class guest speakers, compelling keynote sessions on the best in customer service methodologies, and cutting-edge technology presentations. With so many exciting offerings jam-packed into such a short time frame, it will be tough to pick and choose. We’ve spent a good […]

visual support use case

Technical Support & The European Refugee Crisis – A Surprising Use Case

Written by: Hagai Ben Avi Project Manager at TechSee I’ve always been aware of the influx of refugees to Europe, particularly from war-torn Syria but it was not until I traveled to Scandinavia to implement our platform with one of our telecommunication customers that I experienced their daily struggle first hand. My team was working […]

Things to do at CCW 2017 Vegas

Work Hard, Play Hard at CCW 2017: 5 Must-see Vegas Attractions

We are all looking forward to the CCW Conference in a few weeks. The expo will be a great opportunity to showcase the latest and greatest in call center innovation… but let’s make sure to have some fun while we are there! We all know about the great casinos and nightclubs in Las Vegas but […]

innovative call center technologies

5 Technologies to Jumpstart Your Customer-Centric Tech Support

A new era in Customer Service Customer Centric support is more than just the latest trend in customer service.  It symbolizes a significant shift and a new balance of power between consumers and enterprise organizations. Fundamentally, it proves that businesses have finally acknowledged that fierce competition and a plethora of options available to consumers require […]

Cycle of Innovation in call center technology

Catch Me if You Can: Enterprise Leaders Accelerate the Cycle of Innovation

Written by Uri Kesselman VP Sales – Europe It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one that is most responsive to change. — Charles Darwin   ROI within a year I have  been working as an IT and sales professional in enterprise software since 1993. During that […]

field technician truck

Save Millions by Lowering Your No-Fault-Found (NFF) Dispatch Rate

Over the last two years, I’ve been helping companies lower their technician dispatch rates by implementing TechSee’s Visual Support system within large call centers. We start by working with the call center to identify initial use cases where agents would benefit from visual support. In the course of our work, we’ve made some eye opening […]

Visual Support for Call Centers

Your Omnichannel is Not Complete Without Visual Support

Call centers seek effective engagement strategies to build a better customer experience Improving the quality of customer-agent communication while managing call center volume is one of the primary challenges for every support operation. Failure to minimize hold times and maximize first call resolutions directly affects customer satisfaction and retention. According to a Consumer Reports survey […]

why digitize call center?

Why Digitize? The Call Center of Tomorrow

  When you consider the tech evolution that has occurred in the last 15 years, it’s actually kind of mind blowing. We’ve been moving at such a rapid pace that it’s almost impossible to remember how things ‘used to be.’ From clunky desktop computer towers and giant mobile phones, tech inventions of the past seem […]

Bot solutions that will survive

Chatbots Evolution – The Fittest That Will Survive

Even though bots continue to struggle on many fronts some vertical solution are already successfully deployed into the world and provide consistent reliable value to customers and businesses. Developers and Businesses are learning the limitations of bots and the practical approach to utilizing them successfully. Modern Consumers (anyone said Millennials) look for efficiency and reliability […]