AI-Automated Fiber Customer Installation: A Seamless Self-Service Solution

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Introducing AI-automated fiber customer installation

Over the last 12 months, our new AI-powered streamlined fiber customer installation solution has helped leading telecoms across North America automate millions of self-installs. boosting success rates while saving millions in call avoidance and dispatch costs. By popular demand, we are now offering this AI-automated guided flow as a packaged solution. This post will explore what is included in this package, and why this solutions is seeing such phenomenal success. 

Fiber Customer Installation has Many Tied up in Knots 

In today’s digital-first world, the demand for high-speed internet is more critical than ever. Fiber optic technology has emerged as a leading solution, offering unparalleled speed and reliability. However, the installation process for fiber optic services, particularly for residential customers, often presents significant challenges. In the data we collected, up to 40% of fiber self-installations fail, resulting in high volumes of contact center calls, and often require expensive and time-consuming technician dispatches. 

For customers, the excitement of upgrading to a faster, more reliable internet service quickly diminishes when faced with complex setup procedures, unclear instructions, and other technical difficulties. This often leads to frustration and dissatisfaction, and sometimes even cancellation of the service before it’s even been fully experienced. 

For providers, the high failure rate of self-installations translates into increased support calls, higher volumes of technician dispatches, and soaring operational costs. Additionally, this inefficiency hampers providers’ ability to quickly recoup their investment in the expansive fiber infrastructure, delaying the realization of the full economic benefits of this advanced technology.

These challenges underscore the need for a fresh approach to fiber self-installation that simplifies the process for end-users and streamlines operations for providers, ensuring a smoother rollout of fiber services and a superior customer experience from start to finish.

TechSee’s Revolutionary Solution: Visual-AI Fiber Installation

Recognizing these challenges, we have leveraged our expertise in AI-powered CX automation to develop AI-guided visual flows specifically designed for self-service fiber installation. This solution transcends traditional support mechanisms by embedding visual AI into the very fabric of the customer self-service experience, visually guiding customers through the entire process. 

Simplifying the Self-Installation Process

Our AI-guided visual flows simplify the self-installation process for customers, addressing common pain points such as incorrect ONT setup, power issues, and router connections. By breaking complex setups into a series of simple steps with integrated, AR visual guidance, the TechSee solution effectively addresses the technical and psychological barriers that often deter customers from successful self-installation.  

Key Features:

  • Intuitive Visual Guides: Easy-to-follow visual flows assist customers throughout the installation process, from unboxing to final setup.
  • Frictionless Access: Customers can access the web-based installation guide via QR codes, SMS, emails, or directly through an API, with no download required.
  • Integrated AI and AR: Advanced AI and Augmented Reality (AR) technology guide customer and confirm successful steps in real-time, providing immediate feedback to customers.
  • Low-Code Management: Our platform allows easy customization and optimization of the installation flow, ensuring it can be adapted to any service provider’s needs.

The adaptability of our AI-guided visual flows ensures that the installation process remains streamlined and customer-friendly even as technology evolves and new challenges emerge. This agility is critical in maintaining high success rates and customer satisfaction as the fiber market continues to expand rapidly.

Seamless Warm Transfer to Remote Visual Support

Even with the most intuitive and comprehensive self-service solutions, customers may encounter unique situations or complex issues that require expert assistance. The visual flows seamlessly integrate with TechSee Live for remote visual support. If customers hit a snag during the self-installation process, they can seamlessly transfer to live assistance from a skilled remote technician. The remote technician is sent the customer’s visual history, so they can easily understand where the customer is in their setup process and quickly guide them to full resolution.

Leveraging live visuals, technicians can see exactly what the customer sees, and use integrated augmented reality tools to guide customers through the installation process remotely with precision and ease.

This packaged solution ensures a high self-installation success rate, reduces contact center call volumes and technician dispatches, and significantly enhances the customer experience by providing real-time, personalized support.

Proven Results

Impact of AI-automated fiber installation by the numbers.

Impact on Customers
  • Intuitive setup experiences resulted in over 90% setup success rate.
  • Improved service experience reflected in a 35% rise in CSAT.
Impact on Technicians
  • 26% reduction in technician dispatches thanks to intuitive customer guidance.
  • Better resource allocation allows technicians to focus on more complex issues.
Impact on the Bottom Line
  • Millions of dollars in annual savings.
  • Accelerated activation improves cash flow and creates opportunities to upsell additional services.

Transform Your Fiber Installation Experience Today

With TechSee’s AI-guided solution, fiber service providers can now offer their customers a seamless self-installation experience that reduces costs, accelerates the activation process, and improves overall customer satisfaction. Our solution is easily customizable to meet the specific needs of any provider, ensuring a scalable and efficient rollout of fiber services.

Interested in learning more about how TechSee can revolutionize your fiber installation process? Contact us today for a demo and see the difference for yourself.

Jon Burg, Head of Strategy

Jon Burg, Head of Strategy

Jon Burg Led product marketing for Wibiya and Conduit, bringing new engagement solutions to digital publishers, in addition to launching Protect360, the first big-data powered mobile fraud solution. With 15 years of delivering value for several other technological brands, Jon joined TechSee to lead its product marketing strategy.


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