Delight Your Customers With Visual Ai

Apply the power of Computer Vision and Augmented Reality to transform your Customer Experience and dramatically improve your business outcomes


Visual Engagement At Every Touchpoint

Contact Centers
Increase agent productivity and serve your customers more effectively with Intelligent Visual Assistance.
Field Services
Drive technician enablement with remote Visual Assistance and an interactive visual AR assistant.
Self Service
Transform your self-service channel into a visual, interactive and personalized experience with a live AR assistant.

Simplify Assistance To Your Customers And Technicians

With TechSee’s patented technology, your users can instantly stream their mobile device camera or screen via web connection, for real-time, interactive visual engagement.

See How We Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Reduce Operational Costs

Improve the bottom line through dramatic cost reductions:

Technician Dispatches
0 %
NFF Product Returns
0 %
Machine Downtime
0 %
NFF Tech Dispatches
0 %
Enhance CX

Reduce customer effort and increase brand loyalty with visual engagement:

Net Promoter Score
0 %
Customer Effort Score
0 %
0 %
0 %
Improve Contact Center Efficiency
Increase productivity and boost agent engagement:
First Call Resolution
0 %
Average Handle Time
0 %
Escalation Rate
0 %
Next Issue Avoidance
0 %
Enhance Self Service
Deliver visual, interactive and personalized self-service with a live AR assistant:
Call Volume
0 %
Call Deflection Rate
0 %
Self-Service Containment Rate
0 %
Cost per Contact
0 %
Drive Technician Enablement
Improve productivity in the field and reduce technician training time:
First Time Fix Rate
0 %
Remote Resolution Rate
0 %
Machine Downtime
0 %
Training Time
0 %

Transform Your Cx With Computer Vision Ai

Using patented technology, we teach machines to recognize physical products, their issues and suggest resolutions, to redefine self-service and achieve automation across your organization.



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TechSee Client KPI Data
KPI Data Research Findings: Impact of Visual Assistance (eBook)

TechSee has collated and analyzed data from across its international client network, revealing massive KPI improvements across all metrics.

AR Remote Support
Choosing a Remote Visual Assistance Solution: The Complete Guide

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