Reduce customer effort and increase brand loyalty with Visual Assistance.

Empower telecom teams with TechSee's visual guidance solutions and transform CX.

Accelerate your digital transformation with visual engagement

TechSee empowers the service teams of global telecom groups to deliver effortless CX, simplify onboarding, troubleshooting and billing, reduce costly truck rolls and enhance self-service.


Reduce operational costs

Eliminate unnecessary truck rolls by supporting more cases remotely.

Increase customer satisfaction

Reduce effort with interactive visual engagement that creates better CX.

Drive technician enablement

Empower your technicians with visual guidance to increase first time fix rates and cut training time.

Enhance self-service efficiency

Provide visual, interactive self service, allowing consumers to set up and troubleshoot new devices by themselves.

Differentiate your brand

Offer intuitive and engaging visual guidance as part of your digital transformation strategy.

Increase upsell

Leverage visual interactions to sell new devices and digital services.

Deliver AI-powered visual self-service

Increase call deflection with visual self-service to simplify the installation, setup and troubleshooting of communication devices. With TechSee’s patented technology, a visual tech assistant guides your customers, reducing escalations to assisted service.

Watch how TechSee enables Verizon to ensure technician safety during the COVID-19 crisis

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Techsee- TelecomCustomer receives step-by-step troubleshooting instructions to resolve an internet connectivity problem resulting from cabling issues.

Operational Guidance

Techsee- TelecomCustomer receives clear visual instructions for assistance with operating a new remote control.

Installation Guidance

Techsee- TelecomCustomer receives step-by-step visual instructions for assistance with self-installing a new router.


Techsee- TelecomCustomer’s ID is visually verified and visual guidance on app navigation and form completion is provided.


Techsee- TelecomCustomer can better understand their phone bill with visual guidance for paper documents or app sharing.


Techsee- TelecomWhen an outdated router is detected, customer receives recommendations for hardware upgrades.

Routing and Resolution

Customer is asked to upload pictures of their device before they speak with agent. Computer vision AI identifies each device and the issue, for faster resolution.

Job Verification

Computer vision AI verifies field service job completion, reducing need for repeat visits.

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