How Visual Claims are Reforming the Future of Insurance

TechSee delves into the topic of visual claims and how they help insurance companies transform CX.

Customer satisfaction and experience are important for every industry, and insurance is no exception.  According to S & P Global Market Intelligence, more than US $747.4 billion in life insurance claims were paid by insurance companies in 2020 alone. To stay relevant and compete effectively, traditional insurance companies must ensure their customer base is satisfied. In this article, we will explore how companies are staying on top of the game by implementing visual claims. 

Trending: Claims Process Improvement

Already a fiercely competitive industry, new players are continuously entering the insurance market. One of those companies, Lemonade, is offering innovative business models focusing on a fast and efficient approval process. They are transforming what consumers (especially millennials) have come to expect from insurance companies. 

These insurers recognize that customer satisfaction stretches far beyond the purchase of a policy. Customers expect to have peace of mind during the contract cycle, efficient claims processing procedures and quick payment when a claim is filed. In addition, insurance companies must find ways to generate positive customer experiences during every touchpoint with the company.

Visual Engagement Enhances the Claim Experience

Implementing a video solution that enables visual insurance claims has emerged as a possible solution that can disrupt the way insurance claims are processed and resolved. A remote visual communication platform enables customers to transmit images and videos of their claims to contact center agents for immediate incident assessment.

Visuals have always been an important component of processing a claim. In most cases, a representative from the insurance company, agent, assessor or adjuster, is often required to visit a site to collect visual evidence to solidify their decisions. 

Speed up & simplify the process with visual claims

Visual claims support is revolutionizing this process by enabling agents to access the full visual picture in real-time without requiring them to leave their desks. This results in a quantifiable claims process improvement; a significantly shorter and more straightforward claims system. 

Shorter, because visual claims eliminate the requirement for a site visit, as well as the lengthy back-and-forth email communication with the customer. More straightforward, because the adjuster has immediate access to real-time and objective visual information that may be temporary yet critical to the case, such as: 

  • road conditions 
  • position of vehicle 
  • damage to third-party objects, and 
  • other telling pieces of relevant information. 

This captured data can be used at a later date to expedite and resolve disagreements when necessary.

Simple Visual Claims Process for Wide Range of Use Cases

The visual claim process itself is easy and quick. The adjustor can simply establish a live video connection with the customer (no app download necessary) in order to easily review and visually communicate with the customer through augmented reality tools. 

Skidded due to the torrential downpour? Show the agent!

An example of a visual claim is a customer whose car has been damaged in a road accident and can show an insurance agent the cause and extent of the damage during a live call. He can indicate the exact position of the cars and the wet conditions of the roadway. The agent can request to see specific signs in the intersection and even the vehicle’s skid marks.

Validate claims with visual engagement

Alternatively, in situations that are not time sensitive, a customer can choose the time-flexible visual claims option of uploading images and videos of the damage. The insurance company can then rapidly and accurately assess the damage without the need for costly field work. 

For example, if an insured heirloom was broken, the customer can simply upload images of the cracked piece at his convenience. Using either of these options allows the insurer to securely capture the evidence of loss documentation required to validate claims.

Advantages of Visual Insurance Claims

Consequently, it’s no surprise that visual claims will feature prominently in the future of insurance companies. The claims process improvement benefits of implementing visual claims are many, for example:

  • real-time validation and more accurate appraisals
  • expedited claim settlements, often after the First Notice of Loss (FNOL)
  • increased levels of customer satisfaction, as reflected in NPS scores
  • greater adjustor efficiency; reduced time in the field lowers overhead
  • reduced fraud with secure, live video evidence.

IoT and Insurance

Many insurance companies have begun implementing smart technology as part of their strategy. This includes connected security, medical and other smart devices that influence the conditions of their insurance premiums. These devices may include: 

  • in-vehicle telecommunication systems (telematics) 
  • smart smoke and CO detectors, and 
  • alarm systems.

Installation and configuration of these home devices can be complex. Whether a security camera, home blood pressure monitor or other connected device, the challenges customers face when integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) can be solved with intelligent visual support. AR- powered visual communication is a proven way to help customers install, activate, and maintain these smart devices.

Transform the Future of Insurance with Visual Claims Technology  

TechSee’s intelligent visual engagement platform enables visual claims, as well as interactive real-time guidance from contact center experts on filling out claim documentation and resolving billing issues. For insurance companies looking for an advantage in today’s highly competitive insurance market, implementing video-based visual claims will not only boost the customer experience, but the ROI as well.

Download TechSee's handy brochure to discover how visual claims can help insurance companies.

Watch the video below to see how Achmea, one of the largest suppliers of insurance and financial services in the Netherlands, has successfully implemented TechSee in support of its visual claims capabilities.

Hagai Shaham, Director of Strategic Accounts
Hagai joined TechSee in its beginnings in 2016 and has profound knowledge of its solutions and the audience it caters to. He is currently serving as TechSee's Director of Strategic Accounts to ensure clients realize the full value from their solutions and partnerships.

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