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Intelligent customer care for the age of the smart home
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Smart retail demands smart service

The Internet of Things (IoT) and online competition are disrupting the retail industry, driving prices down and driving service standards up. They're also bringing opportunities to boost customer loyalty and advocacy. Fast and free assistance with the assembly and interconnection of products ranging from DIY furniture to smart home devices, for instance, not only improves customer satisfaction, it can also prevent no-fault returns.

In addition, retail is becoming more reliant on technology to boost revenues, cut costs, and deliver a superior customer experience. In addition to automated lights, locks, climate control, and security systems, the brick-and-mortar stores of tomorrow will include smart shelves, mirrors, and shopping carts, contactless checkout points, and robots designed to assist with stocking shelves, product assembly, and inventory browsing.

With so much profit (and investment) riding on all of this, retailers need fast, reliable assistance when installing their new smart assets and interconnecting them with each other and their existing legacy systems.

Revolutionize your customer service through smart visual support

TechSee starts working to your benefit during your customers’ decision-making process. Remote image and video communication gives your sales agents a view of a customer’s home or office, helping them provide well-informed pre-sale advice.

Turn your after-sale support into a competitive advantage with TechSee: our platform enables you to assist your customers with their purchases in real time, or later, at the customer’s convenience. This swift, effective service helps you gain considerable boosts in customer satisfaction, retention, and advocacy, while reducing your no-fault return rate.

No matter how extensive or niche your retail operation may be, you can use TechSee solutions to ensure you get all the benefits you expect of your smart equipment. From video-assisted installation and setup to remote visual troubleshooting, we’re here to help you use the IoT to offer the best possible customer experience, increase your bottom line, provide new services, and even enter new markets.

Use Cases

Provide real-time or time flexible assistance with the assembly and setup of purchases.
With the ability (and permission) to view a customer’s home or office, sales agents can provide informed pre-sale advice to customers.
When sales staff encounter a technical problem on premises, use visual support to get your business back up and running swiftly.
When a technician dispatch to a retailer is necessary, transmit visual information about devices that require attention so that the technician is prepared prior to arrival on site.
During installation, retailers, tech support experts, and retail space planners can work together with visual information to set up smart devices in a way that maximizes their effectiveness and boosts sales.

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