Visual Customer Assistance
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Visual engagement platform that automates customer interactions with a virtual tech assistant
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Visual Customer Service Across Interaction Channels

TechSee’s AI-powered visual engagement platform delivers a unified view of customer issues and devices across customer service systems and support channels.

Building next-generation customer assistance

TechSee delivers game-changing customer assistance technology that automates support for customer care experts and consumers.

Our Technology

TechSee’s patent-pending cognitive visual platform combines deep learning, big data, and proprietary computer vision algorithms to provide your customers and your support representatives with intelligent visual assistance.
Artificial Intelligence
Augmented Reality

Our Solutions

We help a variety of industries scale their customer care operations so they can provide the rapidly-growing smart home market with top-quality customer service while maintaining a profitable business model. TechSee’s visual support solution gets smarter with each interaction between customers and service representatives, delivering automated customer assistance over time.

Enhance customer experience and reduce support costs

TechSee is delivering a proven ROI and consistent KPI improvements across dozens of implementations.
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Customers & Partners

Here’s what our customers say

"TechSee empowers our agents to provide a more effective and efficient service and a better customer experience to our clients. By offering intuitive, visual support, both call center performance and customer satisfaction have improved significantly."
Agustín Martín Mayo
Technical Assistance & Provisioning Director, Orange
"Being committed to innovation, TechSee helped take our customer support to the next level, engaging customers with an innovative experience that meets the evolving needs in the Smart Home era. The ability we now have to efficiently resolve issues, visually over the phone and in real-time, places us in the forefront of digital customer care transformation."
David Chayun
Head of Customer Service, Bezeq
"With TechSee, we are able to resolve a significant number of customer issues remotely, together with the customer, without having to send technicians. Besides the cost savings, our customer satisfaction has increased because we provide more effective service, saving time and solving the issue on the spot."
George de Visser
Director Customer Care, Vodafone-Ziggo

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