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How to Improve NPS and Reduce Customer Churn with Visual Support

As a core metric that helps measure customers’ overall perception of a brand and the likelihood of them recommending the product or service to a friend, NPS is a good indication of the health of a business. In fact, research has found that improving NPS directly correlates with reduced churn and a higher customer lifetime value. This has prompted businesses to seek tips for improving NPS score, learning to focus their efforts on maximizing relationships with existing customers by improving communication and support processes, especially those that are on the frontline with customers.

One proven way to increase NPS score is by implementing a visual support solution in the call center, an engagement channel that has been proven to deliver immediate, clear understanding by both the customer and the agent. Call centers that utilize visual support allow agents to see exactly what the customer sees, effectively eliminating the lengthy back-and-forth verbal process inherent in auditory communications. Implementing visual support in a call center directly affects the key elements that impact a business’ NPS: reduced customer effort, higher agent engagement, enhanced agent knowledge and a better resolution rate.

Visual support also offers a number of additional value adds. Call centers equipped with visual support enjoy a competitive advantage gained by providing an exceptional CS via innovative technology. In addition, the ability to interact with customers via their preferred communication channel – their smartphone – has been proven to drive customer loyalty, and faster resolutions mean higher levels of agent satisfaction.

This data sheet, one in a series of Visual Support best practices for call centers, offers valuable information on how showing vs telling can be a differentiator for your business, and how implementing a visual engagement channel can influence the likelihood of a customer recommending your business.

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