How to Deliver Effortless Experience in the New Normal

More and more companies are recognizing that ‘contactless’ goes hand in hand with ‘effortless’ – reducing customer effort in the new normal means addressing safety concerns, which are now central to brand loyalty. Effort is said to be two-thirds about how the customer feels or how much emotional effort they have to exert, and safety concerns are a big part of that.

A survey exploring consumer attitudes to service delivery during the pandemic found that although most still expect their providers to resolve service and equipment issues as quickly and effectively as before the pandemic, the vast majority (75%) do not want technicians in their homes unless strictly necessary.  This demonstrates that technician visits can increase emotional effort if they make the customer feel concerned or unsafe.

This report, “How to deliver effortless experience in the new normal,” takes a closer look at the link between contactless interactions and effortless experience, including the role safety plays in the equation. It also examines three different tactics companies can employ at various touchpoints to provide contactless and effortless customer interactions.

To learn all about how you can reduce effort for your customers with contactless service, download the report now.


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