How Cross-functional Collaboration Drives Remote Resolutions

Customer service agents and field service technicians have traditionally been two totally separate departments. Both are ‘keepers of knowledge’ – the former has knowledge of policies, customer information and product details, while the latter has knowledge of how the products work and how the services are rendered. Unfortunately, many enterprises fail to fully capitalize on the benefits of this knowledge because the departments are disconnected from each other. Each has its own goals, processes, leadership and KPIs.

COVID-19 has caused many enterprises to consider the benefits of cross-functional collaboration between customer service and field services departments in order to reduce the operational costs and person-to-person contact involved in technician dispatches.

Visual Assistance has emerged as a powerful tool for driving successful collaboration between customer service agents and field service technicians. It enables the creation of shared knowledge bases and visual customer histories to facilitate faster resolutions. It allows joint triage to avoid truck rolls. It also permits agents to carry out visual inspections before each dispatch to ensure the visit is efficient and successful.

Take a deep dive into these visual collaboration strategies and discover the collaborative KPIs your enterprise needs to track to reduce truck rolls, cut operating costs, improve efficiencies, shorten training time, and drive employee engagement by downloading the report.

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