The Guide to Cost Optimization in Customer Service

Today’s customer service organizations face a period of uncertainty and economic downturn ushered in by the pandemic of 2020. Customer service leadership must find ways to pivot strategically and find sustainable cost reduction tactics that will allow for business continuity without compromising the quality and efficiency of the brand’s service.

This is especially timely in today’s business climate where leadership has an unprecedented opportunity to leverage the crisis to make the changes – large or small – that they’ve always wanted to implement but may not have previously had the ability to modify the standard operating model.

Research exploring best practices for cost optimizations in customer service organizations found three key areas of focus where costs can be optimized while ensuring a positive CX:  in the contact center, field services, and self-service. 

This eBook, “The Guide to Cost Optimization in Customer Service,” takes a closer look at more than 20 techniques that deliver improvements in volume of inbound calls or dispatches, time spent, and staffing optimization, allowing the organization to achieve its goals while still ensuring the customer experience is as positive as possible.

To learn all about how you can ensure business resilience by optimizing your customer service costs, download the report now.


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