What is Multi Sensory AI?

Multi sensory AI is a technology that enhances service and customer experience by engaging multiple senses, combining visual, auditory, and sometimes tactile elements to provide a richer and more effective customer service experience. In the context of TechSee’s innovative solutions, Multi Sensory AI takes customer service to new heights by allowing AI to see and agents to understand what the customer sees. This allows the agent or artificial intelligence to use AR to guide them to swift resolutions.

Why Multi Sensory AI Matters to Service and CX

Customers seek quick, efficient, and personalized solutions in today’s fast-paced service environment. This AI caters to these needs by combining the power of sight, sound and text in a unified AI “brain.” This fosters a deeper understanding of customer issues, leading to more accurate and effective resolutions.

TechSee’s MS AI solutions transcend traditional customer support, ensuring that every interaction is productive and a positive experience. By embracing Multi Sensory AI, service organizations can elevate their capabilities, drive customer loyalty, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

How Multi Sensory AI Transforms Service with TechSee

At TechSee, our focus is on revolutionizing service organizations through visual service technology. With MS AI, we enable service agents and self-service solutions to tap into a comprehensive sensory understanding, making interactions more intuitive, efficient, and satisfying for both agents and customers.

Imagine a scenario where a customer faces a technical issue. The customer contacts customer support, and the agent opens a live video to see the customer’s issue. With MS AI, our CoPilot solution empowers agents to by helping them identify the device make and model, diagnose issues, and provide step-by-step guidance to the customer using AR overlays. This immersive experience bridges the physical gap between agents and customers, ensuring quicker issue resolution and improved customer satisfaction.

Moreover, our automated visual flows leverage Multi Sensory AI to empower end customers in self-service interactions. They can follow easy-to-understand visual instructions, simplifying troubleshooting and reducing frustration. This approach enhances customer self-service capabilities, leading to quicker issue resolution and a stronger bond between the customer and the brand.