Exceptional‌ Sales‌ ‌People‌ ‌Deserve‌ ‌to‌ ‌Sell‌ ‌Outstanding‌ ‌Products

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Exceptional‌ Sales‌ ‌People‌ ‌Deserve‌ ‌to‌ ‌Sell‌ ‌Outstanding‌ ‌Products

Here at TechSee, we are incredibly proud of what we’ve created and what it has to offer. In the span of only six years, we’ve established ourselves as the market leader in remote visual assistance, selling to more than 100 Tier-1 leading enterprises worldwide.

Our patented Computer Vision technology uses AI and AR to install and fix technical devices like routers and appliances in the most straightforward and cost-effective way. Everyone knows that it is easier to solve a problem you can see than when someone is explaining it. At TechSee, we have put that knowledge into practice with solutions that help our clients and their customers every day. This cutting-edge approach enables consumers to DIY for technical issues and helps contact center agents and field technicians provide remote guidance while seeing exactly what the customer sees.

Our global sales team currently stands at 30, predominantly based in North America, the UK and throughout Europe. We work in nearly every part of the world, serving clients in 43 countries in 18 different languages with over 2 million visual sessions per month. And our client base boasts of some of the world’s leading brands, including Vodafone, Orange, Verizon, AT&T, Achmea, Hippo, Lennar, Heineken, Nespresso, Dyson, Samsung and Hitachi, to name a few.

Our TechSee Sales Superstars are enterprising, resourceful, experienced and ambitious individuals who collaborate across functions (BD, Sales, Account Management, Pre-Sales, Customer Success) to deliver exceptional results. They thrive on helping customers understand how easy and useful our visual assistance is to simplify their needs and cost structure.

Not all high-tech products are easy to sell. Some sound good in theory, but their practical value is not readily apparent. Others are too complicated for prospects to quickly appreciate the value, or require so much effort to deploy that client ROI can take years. Turning a prospect into a loyal customer is frequently not a seamless transition, making some sales processes long and difficult. The TechSee sales experience is quite different. With a simple but powerful solution that provides clear benefits and rapid ROI, prospects instantly understand the value of our offering, promoting faster and more collaborative customer engagements.

Our sales team thrives off seeing clients have that ‘aha moment when they begin to see just how much our visual assistance can make their lives easier and their customers much happier, all while reducing operational costs. At TechSee we believe exceptional sales people deserve to sell outstanding products that allow them to shine.

Our leadership approach

Our startup culture provides employees with a high degree of autonomy. We know that salespeople are by nature entrepreneurial and self-directed, so we believe in giving each person a platform to maximize their potential and space to do that in their own, personal style. We realize that each and every deal, and dealmaker, is different so we look for people who are highly motivated and capable, and give them opportunity, not constraints.

At the same time,we make sure that our sales team has everything they need to win a deal, from the warm leads to the marketing collateral to compelling demos and a flexible pricing model. We have the infrastructure in place to ensure our hunters are equipped with all of the knowledge they require about the market, the competition and our solution to address a client’s needs. Our status as an established and successful startup provides the best of both worlds – ample autonomy plus all the support and resources required to make selling easier.

Collaboration is also something we value very much here at TechSee. Though we have employees and customers all over the world, we never lose sight of the bigger picture. Our NA (North American) and ROW (Rest of World) teams frequently share their successes, best practices, and client references with one another. This allows both teams to capitalize on each other’s wins and ideas, speeding TechSee’s overall growth.

A vision for the future

At TechSee, we’ve been shaping the future of remote support and service for six years. With the growth in our category and our continued successes, we see enormous potential for our solution. Yet only a small percentage of companies have embraced remote visual solutions, and none of our competitors have a Computer Vision AI solution that supports the next wave of automation. The timing is perfect for rapid growth, with proven value and interest in a relatively low-saturated market.

2021 will see us making more big deals with some of the world’s leading brands. We plan to double our employee base  this year to help us reach the ambitious goals we set, growing well over 100%.

Hear from our sales team:

“I have worked at large corporations and also helped build startups. Within weeks of joining TechSee, I was blown away with how many super smart, friendly and determined people there were, and how much they have achieved in a short space of time. I enjoy the fast-paced, driven culture as we build something really special. If you want to be part of the rocket ship and have the desire to contribute to something that is changing how customers, patients, students, Drs, engineers, and more communicate with their brands of choice, come and have a chat.”

Stephen Brown – UK/EU Account manager

“I’ve been bringing support to Israeli startups in the French market for the last 15 years. TechSee is for sure the most exciting company I’ve ever worked with: transforming High Tech into a super user-friendly customer experience: even my parents understand the solution!

In the troubled times we are going through I’m convinced we can help French companies offer their customers a better experience and make them more efficient and profitable.”

Stephane Friedfeld – FR/EU Account Manager

If you’re passionate about sales and our mission of making high-end technology simpler, join the sales team and come build off our successes. See our list of open sales positions and apply here.

Liad Churchill, VP Product Marketing

Liad Churchill, VP Product Marketing

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning expert, Liad Churchill, brings depth of knowledge in marketing smart technologies.


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