Webinar: 5 Ways to Transform Customer Service into a Profit Center

Have you considered that contact center agents and field service technicians may be the best placed salespeople within your organization? Through regular contact with customers, they are positioned to build the kind of valuable relationships that can more easily drive revenue through upsells, like extended warranties, service contracts, or replacement parts.

Watch the webinar hosted by Barrett Coakley and Daniela Levi, Senior Product Marketing Managers at TechSee, that explores how companies can capitalize on visual technologies to best position their Customer Service organizations to transition to revenue-generating profit centers.

This eye-opening session will focus on:

  • The reasons why the time is ripe for Customer Service teams to take this leap to become a profit center
  • The steps needed to transform into a revenue-producing customer service team
  • The role & impact of visual engagement in generating profits
  • Real-life examples of how firms use computer vision AI to upsell products and services
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