Slashing Product Returns with Augmented Reality

68% of all consumer electronics returns fall under the umbrella of No Fault Found (NFF) — situations when an item is returned despite functioning properly – with 41% of consumers admitting that they returned a non-defective electronic product in the past 12 months.

The reason? Frustration and/or confusion during product unboxing/unpackaging, installation, and first use.

This year, the rate of NFF returns will be even higher with more consumer devices being purchased sight unseen. Without the ability to “try before they buy,” manufacturers and retailers can expect many more return labels to be printed this year.

Watch this eye-opening session that will focus on how AR can help consumer electronics manufacturers lower NFF product returns. The webinar covers:

  • How AR can help consumers experience the product before they buy
  • How AR can simplify usage and setup of new devices
  • How 3 consumer electronics manufacturers lowered their NFF returns with AR
  • How computer vision AI powers the future of product unboxing
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