The Rise of AI in Service Webinar: Why Customers are Ready for Computer Vision

Customers are very clear on what they want. Almost half expect faster service. 2 in 3 want visual guidance. And 91% of customers are open to trying new innovations for better service.

Delivering exceptional service requires a new breed of solution. Delivering great service at scale while reducing costs requires computer vision AI. Access this webinar to find out how computer vision AI is now delivering the practical solutions every enterprise needs.

What you will discover:

  1. Learn the leading causes of customer dissatisfaction with service
  2. Understand the ideal use cases for computer vision AI automation in customer service
  3. Identify key strategies for overcoming common pitfalls in AI-based service-automation
  4. Hear from a panel of experts on the practical impact of computer vision in today’s service delivery

Speakers: Conn Nicoll, Director of Customer Experience and Digital Solutions, TELUS International; Aaron Cheng, Director of Experience & Economic Transformation, TELUS; Jon Burg
Head of Strategic Marketing, TechSee.

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