Redefining Smart Home Support Webinar

The Smart Home revolution is picking up pace, but there are still high barriers to overcome when it comes to ensuring that connected devices are simple to install, configure and use. In fact, three-quarters of customers would return a device they find complicated.

Watch the webinar that reveals fresh data on consumers’ experiences of Smart Home installation and usage from a recent TechSee survey on the industry.

You’ll learn all about:

  • Why troubleshooting and syncing smart devices are seen as the trickiest tasks
  • The 3 categories of self-service assistance
  • How Computer Vision AI is changing the game for connected device suppliers

Get to the heart of the issues facing the Smart Home industry and learn all about the technology that’s already reinventing real-time support. Just enter your details and we’ll send you the viewing link.

Watch another webinar to learn about how to use visual assistance for managing properties. 

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