Adapt to Change Webinar: Engaging with Customers and Empowering Employees with Real-Time Interactive Support

Customer service has never been more strategic or mission critical to an organization. Scaling up customer service and changing the way to deliver service is essential in adapting to meet the changes of the market and the customer. Organizations are faced with an increase in case volume, growing customer expectations to deliver remote support, and prioritizing the health and safety of their employees and customers. These priorities create a blueprint into how to scale up and rise to expectations equipping organizations to meet the changes of the market and the customer.

Visual Remote Assistant for Service delivers real-time, visual support to help organizations adapt to change. In this current climate, Visual Remote Assistant addresses the challenges we are currently facing, such as limiting physical contact, prioritizing health & safety, and adjusting to new channels of engagement. It provides customers with visibility to prepare for onsite visits, deliver remote support, and improve the overall customer experience. Visual Remote Assistant is built on the Customer 360 Service platform which allows for integration with Service Cloud, Field Service, and 3rd party systems to unlock tools and integrate data into one single, agile platform.

Watch to learn how to scale your business to meet the needs of the market and the customer.

Watch another webinar on how to meet the changes for higher quality customer service. 

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