Superagent and the Phenomenal Four Enhance Customer Experience in Telecoms

Enhancing Customer Experience in Telecoms

To stay ahead of the game and see off rising competition from new market entrants, leading quad play telecommunications providers know they need to enhance customer experience. It’s the sector’s new battleground.

The ability to create personalized, seamless journeys is not only a differentiator. It’s a must-have weapon in their arsenals. It’s the route to enhancing customer experience in telecoms, right across the board.

The key to it all is a platform that delivers intuitive visual assistance to customers across all four areas of the business: broadband, TV, telephone and wifi.

From advising on the optimal position for a router and resolving cabling issues to offering operational guidance for new devices and even explaining invoices line by line, contact center agents can now utilize leading-edge tech that allows them to see exactly what the customer sees and enhance customer experience.

And by adding a layer of augmented reality, agents can pinpoint the precise actions customers need to take to fix their issues as quickly as possible and get on with their days.

Superagent to the Rescue…

How does it all play out in the universe of Superagent?

When quad play Quadcoms suddenly starts losing customers, the company goes into full crisis mode…

The CEO is baffled, until the wicked Huntress appears – she’s been hired by Cheaposerv to poach customers by offering broadband, TV, telephone and wireless packages at impossibly low prices.

There’s only one thing to do – they call on Superagent.

For this mission, he needs backup from The Phenomenal Four – Wifix, Broadbandor, Televisius and Smartphonia – next-generation heroes powered by Computer vision AI, with infinite memory and analytical abilities.

They can identify hardware, diagnose issues, suggest solutions and verify outcomes. Their shared goal: to enhance customer service experience in telecoms.

These four heroes can also bestow their abilities on human contact center agents, turning them into superagents too!

The clock is ticking. Can the newly empowered contact center agents show subscribers how to handle a range of issues and enhance customer experience in telecoms?

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