Reduce AHT with Visual Assistance In your Contact Center by %40

Contact centers everywhere seek to reduce AHT (Average Handling Time) the KPI that measures the average duration of communications between agents and customers. A low AHT is associated with a positive customer service experience and cost efficiencies, as it allows agents to handle more calls during a shift.

While Visual Assistance  is proven to reduce AHT in the long run, keep in mind that the path to improving this core KPI may have some small bumps along the way. As with any new technology, there will be a learning curve involved, although most agents report that the software is easily learned. In addition, contact centers must find the correct timing and scope of when best to initiate a Visual Assistance session in order to ensure that the call flow is as efficient as possible. The session initiation process itself may add to the AHT initially but choosing a vendor that offers a web-based, app-free solution cuts this delay significantly.

Download this new Data Sheet to learn more about Visual Assistance and how the technology can drastically reduce AHT in your contact center without affecting the quality of customer interactions.

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