Using Visual Support To Improve First Call Resolution: Report

In customer care organizations, first-contact resolution (FCR) is one of the most critical key performance indicators (KPIs) used to gauge the quality of customer service as well as the overall efficiency of the call center’s operations. A low FCR call center rate has a significant impact on the entire spectrum of the call center’s operations, including costs, customer churn, upsells and lifetime value, customer satisfaction and agent loyalty.

Organizations seeking to improve their FCR call center rate should consider implementing a revolutionary technology called Visual Support. Visual Support uses screen-based technology that allows agents to see the customers’ physical environment via their smart device in real time, and visually guide them using Augmented Reality. This enables fast, effective problem diagnosis and resolution between customer care agents and customers.

The Best Practice implementation of Visual Support in call centers delivers an enhanced customer experience, and provides a boost in profitability – resolving a customer’s issue the first time means operational savings due to fewer calls and escalations, as well as improved revenues from decreased churn and increased CLV.  Clearly, taking practical steps to raise the FCR call center rate improves efficiency metrics and delivers real trackable value to the enterprise.


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