6 Ways to Increase Technician Utilization Using Vision

Technician utilization has long been a critical KPI for field service organizations. Measuring and maximizing the time spent on service delivery, as opposed to travel and admin, for example, enables enterprises to boost productivity, profitability and safety.

Our report, “6 ways to increase technician utilization using vision,” takes an in-depth look at the visual strategies that enterprises can implement to begin improving their technician utilization rates.

You’ll discover:

• How getting visual help from remote experts addresses the knowledge gap that often wastes time on a field service job

• How allowing technicians to work remotely using a live video stream reduces time-consuming, costly and potentially hazardous truck rolls

• How collaborating visually with the contact center improves efficiencies by providing visibility into customer histories

• How autonomous assistance powered by Computer Vision AI reduces the reliance on remote experts that often creates bottlenecks

• How using visual work histories to identify the right talent for the job optimizes scheduling and facilitates collaboration between technicians

• How using image capture to simplify job summaries reduces the time technicians spend documenting their work

Download the report to learn more about how these strategies can boost your organization’s technician utilization rate, enhance field service productivity, increase profitability and ensure safety.


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