TechSee’s 2021 In Review

2021 has been a memorable year for TechSee. We’ve become a global leader in simplifying the way people deal with technology through visual assistance. Our vast visual transformation capabilities have already made a huge impact across a wide range of industries and at multiple touchpoints throughout organizations, from the contact center to field services to sales and IT. As we move into our 7th year, we’re excited to be growing and innovating as rapidly as ever.


Our success has been recognized! We were voted Best in Biz, CRM Excellence & Pandemic Tech Innovation


We keep innovating!
Our innovations set us apart as the
pioneer and market leader in the
Intelligent Visual Assistance space.

Techsee live sessions
in 2021

Our tech is hard at work!
42% YoY growth of visual support sessions means we are achieving our goal of simplifying the lives of people everywhere.

Tons of CO₂ emissions saved per business in 2021

Our customers are saving money and the environment too! Remote visual assistance eliminates the need for costly (for you and the environment) truck rolls.

Yoy growth

Visual transformation is catching on! More organizations are offering seamless customer experiences with TechSee’s AR and AI technology than ever before.

Interactions with visual AI analysis

Our neural networks are processing visual data and becoming smarter every minute.

New features
(Including the Eve Cortex)

We are all about enablement.
This year we added even more capabilities and launched our most exciting technology yet! Eve Cortex, the world’s first scalable AR Assistant platform powered by Computer Vision AI.

(5 were even live!)

We believe that the best way to make knowledge accessible is by showing, rather than telling. Thanks to all our attendees, live and virtual!

and more

Our experience is valuable!
We are proud to have shared knowledge with organizations around the world to help them enhance their brand loyalty, reduce operational costs, and increase employee engagement.

Pounds of food collected
for families in need

This year we also took the time to give back. TechSee partnered with Leket Israel, a leading food rescue organization focusing on rescuing healthy, surplus food and delivering it to those in need.

person person person person person-faded person-faded person-faded person-faded person-faded
growth of the techsee team

We just can’t keep up! We’ve welcomed some of the brightest, funniest, and most innovative startup pros in the game, and we are still growing.