Remote Support Maturity Model eBook

Remote assistance is not a new concept. For years, organizations have been attempting to resolve more of their customers’ issues remotely to boost overall effectiveness.

However, in the current environment where safety is paramount, social distancing is the norm, and every expense is scrutinized, remote support has evolved. It has moved from a nice-to-have feature to a must-have service across many industries.

Full-on remote support cannot be built in a day. It is an evolutionary multi-phase journey that includes learning, adoption and education, just like other journeys in the digital transformation space. The Maturity Test allows you to evaluate the maturity of your remote support capabilities and help you understand qualitatively where you stand based on your organization’s goals.

The five levels of the model, each clearly explained, represent the next step on a proposed path towards fully implementing remote support capabilities across your organization. The outcome of the evaluation should help you highlight any gaps in your organization’s path to maturity. As a result, you will be able to form strategic decisions for future remote support goals and required technologies.

This report compiles a comprehensive Remote Support Capability assessment. The assessment will help you evaluate your organization’s remote support capabilities, both in your contact center and field services. By looking at the range of KPIs your organization measures, the remote support touchpoints and channels you offer to customers and employees, and the tools and technologies you utilize to provide remote support, you can evaluate the maturity of your organization’s remote support capabilities.

For a more detailed explanation, view the full report here.

Use TechSee’s handy tool to start evaluating where you stand on the remote support spectrum.

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