PRE-CALL automation

Inject visual automation flows into any step of your customer journey

instant, App-less, Easy

Launch workflows directly from any IVR and CRM  to drive more efficient customer engagement without having to install an app or download software.


Customer Experience
1. Opt-in to On-Hold Workflow

Callers receive voice notification when entering the queue to opt-in to visual workflow. Upon opting in, IVR triggers TechSee to start the visual engagement by sending an SMS to the customer while they wait on hold.

2. Visual Data Capture

Customer clicks on link in SMS which opens the workflow in a browser on their smartphone or tablet. They take pictures of issues, use AI to capture device IDs, and add contact/account information.

3. Skip the Line

Callers that complete the workflow can be prioritized to the front of the line to improve FCR. Data collected is sent to the CRM so that when an agent picks up the call they have access to all the information.

Agent Experience
1. Receive Calls with Context

When agents accept a call they will already know the device, problem, and other mission-critical information because the customer provided it while on hold.

2. Visual Information

Using TechSee’s visual workflows, agents can see actual images of customers’ issues and speed up resolutions with on-screen live annotations

3. Shorten Summary Time

With CRM integration, all customer data can be fed directly into the case or customer record, saving valuable call summary time.

Maximize value with the industry’s first visual automation solution

Improve FCR with Visuals

Have customers take pictures of issues and devices to provide your agents with actual visual context. Showing is better than telling.

AI Accuracy

AI-powered scanning makes it easy to grab complete serial numbers and device IDs.

Reduce AHT

Use customer provided information before you actually speak to the customer, speeding up the time on the call.

Reduce Call Summary Time

Customer provided data goes directly into CRM or case which reduces the need for a lengthy summarization.

We believe that showing
is better than telling.

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