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CSPs can deliver a better customer experience through innovation

Advances in technology and infrastructure, as well as fierce competition, are disrupting the telecommunications industry. To remain competitive in a rapidly evolving sector, communications service providers (CSP) are looking for ways to expand into new segments, cut costs, streamline processes, and, most importantly, differentiate themselves through superior customer experience and service.

Technological breakthroughs have created new opportunities for CSPs to deliver exceptional customer service and boost KPIs. At every stage of the customer journey, from pre-sale assistance, through installation and activation, to troubleshooting, CSPs can now build and strengthen their competitive advantage through swift and simple resolution of service and support requests across all channels.

Enhance all your support channels with intelligent visual support

TechSee provides your contact center agents with highly effective remote visual support tools so they can see your customers’ hardware and service issues and guide them to solutions during calls. Customers who start their support request in any of your digital support channels can also benefit from video-guided assistance, either live or later, offline. Our platform enables you to provide a seamless best-in-class customer service experience, helping turn calls for assistance into opportunities to win new advocates.

On occasions that require a technician dispatch, your experts and digital channels can relay video and images related to issues to your field staff, ensuring that they arrive on site with the knowledge and tools they require to do their jobs more efficiently.

With each request and resolution, your visual support operations grow smarter, eventually providing you with a self-service system that delivers the time-saving, value-adding technical self-sufficiency that your customers want, and your bottom line needs.

Use Cases

By seeing the connections on the back of a customer's set-top box, router, or modem, an agent can immediately understand the problem and guide the customer to the correct connections.
The tech support system automatically sends visual information received via digital channels to an expert, who then relays the visual solution to the customer at the customer's convenience.
A contact center agent sends a support request with related images and/or video to a field technician, who then arrives on site with the specific knowledge and tools required for immediate issue resolution.

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