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Intelligent customer care for the age of the smart home
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Great service must cover the entire smart home

The rapidly evolving Internet of Things is transforming standalone appliances into interconnected components of the smart home. The result is two-fold:
  • devices are becoming more sophisticated as additional hardware and software is required to enable sensory cross-device communication, responsiveness, and security
  • appliances depend on a network of devices and services to operate; if an appliance stops working as it should, problem identification and resolution can be complex

At the same time, the quantity and variety of connected devices that make up smart homes is growing exponentially while a customer-centric sentiment has businesses focusing on quality of service as a competitive advantage.

Customer service agents who provide assistance with the installation, setup, interconnection, and maintenance of smart appliances often find themselves having to deal with additional connected devices from different manufacturers. To meet this challenge, customer service departments require a scalable support solution that enables their experts to help customers with smart home networks that include products that their brand doesn't manufacture.

Intelligent visual support for smart appliances and homes

TechSee solutions enable you to provide visual assistance throughout the lifecycles of your smart appliances, from installation and setup to updates and repairs. Your customers can show your support experts their issues during calls or through digital channels and get visual guidance either right away or at their convenience, helping ensure faster and better resolution, higher customer satisfaction and less costly truck rolls.

With every request, our intelligent platform is building a comprehensive visual database of issues and solutions. As a result, your agent can swiftly access critical information, such as common problems and best practices, for an expanding variety of devices and smart home network configurations. This growing knowledge base also helps improve your self-care operations so you can eventually provide virtual assistance, and help your customers help themselves.


Use Cases

Customers get better assistance for malfunctioning appliances when they’re able to show customer care specialists the problem during a call.
A customer service agent can see a customer’s malfunctioning appliance, and the smart devices and apps it’s connected to, for fast and accurate problem identification and resolution.
A customer that sends images and/or video of their issue through online channels receives visual guidance that they can consult at their convenience.
If a dispatch is required, images/video sent during a call or through digital channels can be passed on to technicians so that the right technician arrives on site with knowledge about the problem, and the correct tools and parts for immediate repair, increasing the first-time fix rate and enabling technicians to handle more dispatches.

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