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IoT is transforming the insurance industry

We understand that insurance providers want faster, more accurate ways of performing risk and damage assessments. Due to increased competition and technological advances, customers, agents, and adjusters expect immediate access to information and expertise.

We’re also seeing more insurers using the Internet of Things (IoT) to help them determine premiums and offer incentives to new and existing customers. In-vehicle telecommunication devices (or telematics), smart smoke and CO detectors, and digital doorbells are just a few examples of connected devices that insurers are using for alerts, damage detection, and risk and claim assessment. All of these devices require efficient installation, activation, and maintenance.

Provide your customers with the best coverage through intelligent visual support

TechSee makes filing, documenting, and assessing claims faster and easier than ever. Our remote visual communication platform enables customers to transmit images and videos of their claims to your contact center agents for immediate incident assessment.

Our solution keeps your adjusters and experts in visual sync, allowing for fast, accurate assessments and remote billing and guidance on insurance claims. Adjusters can view, highlight, and save corresponding photos and videos in claim documentation, increasing productivity while cutting all field-related expenses.

We can also help your customers install, activate, and maintain smart devices that influence the conditions of their insurance products. Our intelligent visual support platform enables you to offer them the choice of visual assistance for self-service or interactive real-time guidance from contact center experts.

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Use Cases

A customer whose car or property has been damaged can show an insurance agent the cause and extent of the damage live during a call.
While filing their claim through any of their insurer’s digital channels, a customer has the time-flexible option of including images and videos of their damaged car or property for rapid, accurate assessment.
Claim adjusters can work with visual information sent through TechSee, thereby speeding up claim assessments without costly field work.
Insurers and customers can use TechSee to get remote visual assistance with IoT devices.

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