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BPOs that leverage technology can offer affordable above-standard performance

Due to growing competition and decreasing margins, business process outsourcing (BPO) enterprises are facing a challenging reality. They are constantly looking for new methods to differentiate their services through innovation and operational excellence while generating new growth engines. At the same time, the companies they serve are demanding a higher quality of service at a lower price.

To win a larger share of wallet, BPOs are looking for a solution that will help them expand their offering and deliver greater value to their customers with unique fee structures that ensure higher margins, and allow both them and their customers to benefit.

Gain a competitive advantage with smart visual support

TechSee’s smart visual engagement platform can help BPOs generate business opportunities and revenue streams in new markets. Empower your agents to function as virtual technicians and provide a larger variety of services, thereby increasing job satisfaction. Compete in higher-value customer support segments, such as tech support. Visual engagement delivers reliable KPI improvements, which, as an active supplier in these segments, you can use to propose performance-based price-support structures that increase your margins while saving your customers money. You can also use visual verification to resolve billing and purchase disputes with end customers during initial interactions, and help minimize no-fault returns.

TechSee enables your agents to see what end customers see so they can provide real-time and offline guidance, through all currently used communication channels to effect dispute resolution and much more.

Our innovative platform ensures fast ROI through improved operational effectiveness, higher first-call resolution rates, and lower technician dispatch rates, while delivering a superior experience for customers as well as agents.

Use Cases

More affordable customer service agents that normally handle general calls can use TechSee to handle higher value level 1 technical support calls with minimal training.
Visual support enables agents to see proof for billing and service issues so they can resolve them quickly and increase customer satisfaction.
Visual support calls can help reduce no-fault product returns and the associated credits.
Visual support delivers consistent improvements to KPIs in areas such as first-call resolution, truck rolls and NPS score; this enables the BPO to develop competitive and profitable pricing models.

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