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Visual Support, Visually Explained – An Infographic

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As consumer demand for smart home technology continues its steady rise, and as competition for the largest slice of the market’s USD 53 billion* pie grows fiercer, Amazon’s latest endeavors in smart home support indicate that customer service – specifically customer support – is vital to success in this market.

The installation, setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting of smart “things” are still beyond the technical knowledge of the average consumer. At the same time, evolving consumer expectations are giving rise to a new service culture that demands a customer-centric approach.

Advances in technology are helping contact centers provide state-of-the-art “support of things” and deliver the superior customer service that consumers have come to expect. Visual support is proving to be an especially effective way of achieving these goals. Thanks to the ubiquity and processing power of mobile phones and the “anytime, anywhere” availability of high-speed internet, highly effective visual communication is now accessible to mainstream consumers throughout the world.

Visual support is taking customer service, and customer experience, to a whole new level – check out the infographic below to see how and why.

To download the complete infographic click on the image and follow the link.





* Projected smart home technology revenue by 2022. Source: Zion Market Research



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