Visual Support – The New Frontier of Holistic Customer Experience

visual customer experience

Contact centers around the world have the same goals – improve their level of service across KPIs while lowering their costs.  And this has never been more critical.  

The need for excellent customer assistance has never been greater, specifically with the Internet of Things (IoT) becoming more and more dominant in our homes, work or on the go. To deliver on those needs, enterprises in all categories seek solutions for enhanced engagement with customers in order to ensure a positive customer experience, improved KPI deliverables and a cost effective operation. Visual Engagement is rising as one of the game changing solution in customer assistance, addressing the customer sentiment for video communication while delivering an effective solution for service and support.

The Power of Visual Communication

With visual images accounting for 90% of all information transmitted to the brain, it is no wonder that visual engagement tools  are proving highly effective as customer assistance solutions. Visual Support is screen-based technology that allows agents to see the customer’s physical environment via the customer’s smartphone, providing simpler resolutions to the majority of tech support issues.

Call centers that utilize Visual Support allow agents to see exactly what the customer sees, effectively eliminating the lengthy back-and-forth process inherent in traditional verbal (phone, chat or other)  communications. With the ability to visualize the customer’s environment either offline or in real time, agents can use augmented reality tools to point, annotate and visually guide the customer, resulting in a faster and more effective call resolution and a more satisfying customer experience.


An enabler for the Support of Things

Consumers continue to adopt IoT-enabled services, products and applications that power their entertainment, lifestyle, health and safety preferences. The technological complexities involved in the installation and configuration of these devices drive enterprises to find innovative solutions to facilitate effective Support of Things (SoT).

Visual Support: Connect – Diagnose – Guide – Verify

The implementation of Visual Support offers a host of benefits and advantages to both the customer and the enterprise contact center. Customers appreciate the time savings of rapid first-call resolutions executed remotely, as well as the elimination of inconvenient and disruptive technician visits to the home. Plus, with over 6.1 billion people projected to utilize their smartphones on a daily basis by 2020, the ability to receive support on a preferred device will drive higher satisfaction levels and loyalty to the enterprise.  

Enterprises benefit from a dramatically reduced cost of providing technical support while elevating the customer’s service experience. Visual Support empowers agents to use their technical knowledge much more effectively, enabling faster accurate problem diagnosis and resolution. The results are significant increases to agent productivity and satisfaction, happier customers, reduced truck rolls, and a leaner technical support call center operation.

Visual Support has become the new frontier to revolutionizing the customer experience in today’s digitized world. Become a part of it!

To learn more about Visual Support and how it can dramatically impact your business, click here to download the White Paper.

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