Vision in Automation: Boost Agent Productivity with Smart Eyes

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Vision in Automation: Boost Agent Productivity with Smart Eyes

Visual assistance – where a service is provided over a live video connection – has proven to be an effective method of driving high customer satisfaction ratings and building customer loyalty through personalized service. But while happy customers are vital to the success of a business, happy representatives are equally important, especially with high agent attrition rates presenting a real challenge for contact centers.

What is visual automation?

Visual automation is when visual interaction – whether via image or video – is combined with automation to reduce the need for human intervention. This can result in dramatic improvements for contact center workflows.

Vision in automation harnesses the power of computer vision technologies to enable a variety of agent-related tasks to be completed automatically or semi-automatically. It delivers greater efficiency and cost savings through intelligent decision support tools.

The Value of Vision Automation Technology

Automation has already proven its worth in contact centers in various processes, such as:

  • structured data
  • text
  • conversational AI
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Contact centers are facing ever-increasing volumes of enquiries and more complex customer issues, as well as customers demanding faster, more effective and more personalized service. Consequently, innovative technologies are needed to further drive agent productivity and satisfaction.

Often, however, it is the visual dimension that is lacking – and visual automation is the magic bullet which, quite literally, provides the clearest picture. Automated machine vision enables AI-powered platforms to achieve the most impressive economies of scale.

What is Computer Vision?

Computer Vision is the science that deals with enabling computers to see, identify and process images in the same way as people, sometimes even surpassing humans in the ability to recognize objects.

Computer vision technologies at the leading edge of contact center innovation include:

  • object and facial recognition
  • image to text and image similarity
  • motion estimation
  • image restoration

These technologies can add significant value to contact center operations by enabling agents to route customer enquiries, interpret images and make use of visual decision support tools. Alternatively, customers can use visual automation tools to visually interact with AI-powered assistants in self-service mode, alleviating pressure on human agents.

The Power of Visual Automation

This in-depth white paper by TechSee explores the real-world uses of implementing vision automation technologies within the contact center. It reviews how: visual data collection analysis, classification and routing, auto-recommendations and resolution enable a level of visual automation that drives efficient workflows. This cuts down the steps required to resolve a customer’s issue and benefits both the agent and the consumer.

Benefits to agent productivity when using vision in automation

The white paper provides a deep dive into the impact visual automation is having on a wide range of contact center KPIs. Average Handling Time (AHT) is decreased, since agents can work faster and more efficiently by utilizing effective decision support during each interaction.

First Call Resolution (FCR) rates are improved because visual automation makes it easier for the agent to determine that the issue has successfully been resolved, eliminating errors and repeat calls. A customer whose issue was resolved in a timely manner and who does not have to call back usually is a happy customer, resulting in higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

In addition, using vision in automation reduces No-Fault Found dispatches and costly truck rolls. Visual automation technology helps by enabling fast, effective problem diagnoses and resolutions, without requiring an expert technician to be dispatched to the customer’s location.

Automated visual inspection systems for P&C insurers

Visual automation can also enhance the entire claim cycle time for P&C insurers by:

  • delivering faster and more accurate claims processing
  • more efficient remote adjustment
  • better risk classification
  • improved documentation handling
  • reducing fraud

The state of play

For advanced visual assistants to recognize and analyze images with the highest degree of accuracy, the creation of massive data sets is required to effectively train the model. Crowdsourcing visual data is the key to creating visual contact center platforms geared towards streamlining workflows and boosting productivity.

Employing vision in automation during the tagging process is crucial to successfully driving the most efficient, accurate and cost-effective approach to data collection. This process is now powering an increasing number of next-generation self-service platforms.

Embracing the future using vision in automation

Visual customer assistance and agent decision support are evolving symbiotically. As AI technologies advance and enable computers to achieve fully autonomous learning, the possibilities are endless for platforms that use vision automation tools to proactively provide guidance to both customers and agents.

To learn more about how visual automation can revolutionize your contact center and boost your agents’ productivity, click here to download the white paper.

Andrew Mort, Content Manager

Andrew Mort, Content Manager

Andrew Mort brings extensive experience of writing compelling B2B and B2C copy, including press releases, thought leadership articles and marketing content.


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