TechSee’s New Open Integration Launch Brings Computer Vision AI and Augmented Reality to the Customer Experience Technology Stack

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Everyone here at TechSee is excited about the launch of our brand new “Open Integration Platform,” a full API platform that puts the visual customer experience front and center. This new platform makes it simple for companies with deployed solutions like CRM, IVR, Chatbots, and Mobile Apps to add augmented reality and computer vision AI to their customer experience without changing their production platforms.

Many TechSee customers love the ability not to replace existing systems while bringing on tech for visual customer engagement. Now, every customer regardless of industry has the capability to integrate vision seamlessly into their CRM and contact centers, instantly granting open platform users a working visual engagement center that brings customer experience to the next level.

With over 30 million visual sessions logged annually, TechSee is the industry leader in visual service transformation. Used by leading companies and is the standard for remote visual support. Now with the open API, any potential integration becomes available to the more than 1000 businesses globally that have deployed TechSee’s technology.

“The introduction of an open platform represents a shift in industry focus and maturity, from point solutions to visual platforms that are fully integrated with and empowering every facet of the business,” said Jon Burg, Sr Director of Strategy at TechSee. “As visual engagement and visual service move from innovation to the industry standard, TechSee’s innovations in AI present breakthrough transformational value across the enterprise. We look forward to seeing how leaders not only integrate but build new experiences with our open platform.”

About TechSee

TechSee revolutionizes the customer experience domain with the first visual engagement solution powered by Computer Vision AI and Augmented Reality. It enables enterprises around the world to deliver better customer assistance, enhance service quality and reduce costs. TechSee is the industry leader in remote visual with 8 patents on its technology and over 30 million live and AI-powered sessions each year. The company is headquartered in Herzliya, Israel with offices in New York and Madrid.
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Taylor Hyams

Taylor Hyams

Taylor is the Partner Marketing Manager at TechSee. He brings a wealth of marketing management experience from companies such as Unitrends, SalesForce, and ClickSoftware. Taylor is a huge Buffalo Bills fan who dreams of the day they will return to the Superbowl.


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