3 Success Stories The Strength of TechSee and Salesforce power ahead to drive digital transformation

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3 Success Stories The Strength of TechSee and Salesforce power ahead to drive digital

Strong partnerships are a force for change – and that is best highlighted in the strengthening of the relationship between TechSee and Salesforce – both sides bringing to the table the capability to drive and support businesses with streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective operations. Last month, we announced this exciting partnership, which was the culmination of a mutual journey that began with an investment by Salesforce Ventures two years ago, an offering in the Salesforce AppExchange, a mutual award in the TM forum, and recognition in Gartner’s Cool Vendors in CRM Customer Service and Support 2020 report. Today, Salesforce has fully integrated TechSee’s technology on the Salesforce platform as an integral part of their offering.

How Visual Remote Assistant works

Visual Remote Assistant has been seamlessly embedded within Salesforce Service Cloud and Field Service to deliver real-time, visual remote support. An industry-first, Visual Remote Assistant is powered by a multi-patented, browser-based service for intuitive, app-free visual engagement. Visual Remote Assistant provides technicians and agents with interactive visual guidance to resolve issues quickly and effectively.

The connected and agile platform integrates multiple data sets and workflows across contact centers, field services, and third-party systems for enhanced collaboration.  And, initiating the visual remote assistance functionality right from within the Salesforce platform gives the customer an optimal CX.

TechSee and Salesforce:  The first link in a chain of success

In a year of pandemic-related challenges, TechSee’s remote visual assistance solution enabled Salesforce customers to offer contactless services and remote technician support capabilities, alleviating health and safety concerns without compromising the customer experience. TechSee empowers customers and employees with real-time visual support to boost productivity, optimize costs, improve CX, and achieve next-level customer engagement.

TechSee and Salesforce Use Cases

Here are three customer stories that illustrate the power of TechSee and Salesforce on a unified and mutually beneficial platform, driving operational excellence, and setting new standards for service delivery and customer support.


This home insurance company wanted to minimize the confusion and friction surrounding the claims processing and underwriting process. Looking for best-in-class technology and data partnerships to expand the customer experience, the company partnered with TechSee and Salesforce. Deploying the solution eased Hippo’s transition to a fully remote work environment during the pandemic.

With TechSee and Salesforce, Hippo now offers virtual inspections and visual claims that prioritize health and safety and ensure seamless policyholder interactions.  Being able to streamline and simplify processes has optimized services and given Hippo an operational edge with increased first contact resolution (FCR) and net promoter score (NPS), reduced claim life cycle, and decreased average claim handling cost.

Acuity Brands

The partnership between Salesforce and TechSee has been invaluable for this smart home manufacturer. Deploying the Visual Remote Assistant has enabled Acuity to provide remote support, cut down on the back and forth with customers, improve communication and collaboration between team members working from home, and reduce friction across the customer experience chain. Acuity can now scale and share technologies across their different teams, adding significant business capability. The ability to virtually enter a customer’s home to provide  remote support while alleviating their health concerns has been vital to achieving the company’s goals of increasing FCR and NPS while decreasing average handling time.


A large housing association in the UK, LiveWest owns and manages almost 40,000 homes. The company’s contact center handles over 1,000 calls per day regarding urgent repairs and routine maintenance, which the company resolves with its 400-strong field service workforce. LiveWest began using TechSee’s AI-powered Visual Assistance solution in its contact center during the pandemic to ensure service continuity along with addressing employee and tenant health and safety concerns. With TechSee, LiveWest agents can offer an excellent tenant experience by quickly and accurately assessing maintenance requirements, prioritizing dispatches, and providing remote support.

The decision to integrate TechSee within the Salesforce Service Cloud followed a five-star rating from tenants and employees: 99% of LiveWest agents said that TechSee helps them resolve issues without dispatching technicians, and 89% reported that it saves them time. The organization has reduced costs and achieved rapid improvements to its first-time fix rate for issues involving smart electricity meters, hot water boilers, condensation, dampness, and even blocked toilets. Real-time visual collaboration between LiveWest experts and technicians allows visual verification of work quality and provides knowledge base access for automated, visually-guided issue resolutions.

The future is wide open

The simplicity, seamless integration, and speedy implementation of the Visual Remote Assistant offering improves CX and drives high user adoption, translating into a greater ROI. Looking ahead, the chain of success is expected to continue, as TechSee and Salesforce develop and deliver groundbreaking technology with a unique roadmap for innovative solutions, evolving features, and increased capabilities.

Liad Churchill, VP Product Marketing

Liad Churchill, VP Product Marketing

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning expert, Liad Churchill, brings depth of knowledge in marketing smart technologies.


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