Superagent – The Hero of Innovation Liberates the Insurance Claim Life Cycle

Superagent Liberates the Claim Life Cycle

The insurance industry is at the forefront of the digital revolution. Mounting competition from non-traditional players cannibalizing market share with innovative business models has forced P&C insurers to integrate digital technologies into their operations to keep pace.

In addition, insurers recognize that customer satisfaction stretches far beyond the purchase of a policy. Customers demand peace of mind throughout the contract term, with a short and efficient claim life cycle and quick payment when a claim is filed.

Digital processes have enabled not only an elevated claims experience for customers, but a reduction in average cost per claim, and improved loss prevention and overall profitability. According to McKinsey, digital claims processes can drive a 20% increase in customer satisfaction score and 25-30% reduction in claim expenses.

In the fiercely competitive insurance sector, implementing visual claims has emerged as a solution that can improve entire claim life cycle. A remote visual communication platform enables customers to transmit images and videos of damage to contact center agents for immediate assessment.

Let’s see how this plays out in the latest issue of Superagent:

A new digital player in the insurance sector has been taking away market share from Experico, a traditional P&C company.  But the real problem lies closer to home. The evil Byoorekrat has the agents under his control, tying their hands when it comes to assisting customers and slowing down the entire claim life cycle. What on Earth can they do?

It’s Superagent to the rescue!

He introduces visual claims to the contact center, taking away Byoorekrat’s power and putting it back in the hands of the agents. Remote visual claims enable agents to see the full visual picture in real time, without leaving their desks. They can assess the damage, determine the level of urgency, authenticate the necessary documents, and resolve the claim on the first notice of loss, sometimes in only a few minutes!

But that’s not all: Superagent introduces an AI computer vision engine that helps the adjuster provide an accurate estimate and recommend an approved vendor in the vicinity of a customer’s home or workplace.

By powering the claim life cycle with computer vision, Superagent liberates the entire insurance claims process.

Claim life cycle time is down! No more loss of market share! Customers are satisfied again! The insurance company is saved!

Can Superagent help improve YOUR customers’ claims experience?

For your reading pleasure, we proudly present “SUPERAGENT – The Agent of Innovation Liberates the Insurance Claim Process.”

Click here to download the next exciting installment of our Superagent series!

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