Superagent and the Phenomenal Four Enhance Customer Experience in Telecoms

Next-gen customer experience in telecoms through visual assistance

To stay ahead of the game and see off rising competition from new market entrants, leading telecommunications providers know that customer experience is the new battleground.

According to The Xfinity Mobile Effect by Market Strategies International, the ability to create personalized, seamless journeys has emerged as not merely a key differentiator, but a must-have weapon in their arsenals. It’s the key to enhancing customer experience in telecoms, right across the board.

Quadruple play service providers need a platform that delivers intuitive engagement with their customers across all four areas of the business: broadband, TV, telephone and wifi.

The key to it all is visual assistance.

From advising on the optimal position for a router and resolving cabling issues to offering operational guidance for new devices and even explaining invoices line by line, contact center agents can now utilize leading-edge tech that allows them to see exactly what the customer sees and enhance customer experience.

Computer vision AI provides invaluable decision support tools for recognizing device models, identifying common issues and suggesting proven resolutions.

And by adding a layer of augmented reality, agents can then pinpoint the precise actions customers need to take to fix their issues as quickly as possible and get on with their days.

Leading global groups have already witnessed the awesome power of visual engagement as they discover the secret of enhancing customer experience in telecoms.

Technician dispatch drops by around a quarter in the first couple of months. FCR increases exponentially. And NPS score goes through the roof.

Make sure you check out the latest installment in the continuing adventures of Superagent.

This time, our hero is tasked with helping a quad play provider see off the challenge of a bargain-basement competitor who’s undercutting them and poaching their customers.

Superagent enlists the Phenomenal Four – Wifix, Broadbandor, Televisius and Smartphonia – next-generation visual AI heroes with infinite memory and analytical abilities. They can identify hardware, diagnose issues, suggest solutions and verify outcomes.

These four heroes can also bestow their abilities upon human contact center agents, turning them into superagents with the ability to enhance customer experience for telecoms customers too!

It’s a gamechanger – And it could make all the difference to your operations too.


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