SUPER AGENT – Stopping Smart Product Returns from Ruining Christmas Sales

super agent christmas special edition

With Google Home, Apple Homekit and Amazon Echo creating buzz around connected devices, smart home products have become increasingly popular. While in theory, smart devices should be easier to set up – most are wireless and can be remotely connected; in reality, the setup of smart devices can present significant challenges to the consumer. Successful onboarding of new smart devices is dependent on the consumer to choose the right location for the device, to connect correctly to the current infrastructure and the Internet, and to configure the device properly to the associated app(s) and the overall ecosystem.

Brands need innovative solutions to improve their customer’s unboxing experience and ensure that products are not returned unnecessarily. With the right technology, the product unboxing experience can be transformed from mundane to magnificent, and customers everywhere can enjoy their new gifts this Christmas season.

Let’s take a peek into the latest issue of Super-Agent:

Christmas sales of smart devices have already taken off….the Christmas sale is a success! Or is it? The calls to Customer Service begin coming in with frustrated customers needing installation, activation or troubleshooting assistance with their new products. Oh no! Product returns are on the rise and revenues are in danger. Help!

It’s Super-Agent to the rescue! “Here I come to save the day…”

How does he do it?

Super-Agent introduces auto-onboarding that allows customers to scan a QR code and activate their product immediately. He integrates voice assistants, like Siri and Alexa, to provide a smooth customer unboxing experience. But that’s not all! He offers unboxing video tutorials to help customers with more complex installations, and even provides AR instruction guides that overlay device information on their smartphone screens to make the process even easier. Then, Super-Agent reveals his greatest power: visual assistant that can see the customer’s device, interact with consumers visually and even correct them when they make a wrong move.

By introducing computer vision powered by augmented reality, Super-Agent saves the Christmas sale!

Product returns stop! Customers are satisfied again! The enterprise is saved!

Can Super-Agent help improve YOUR customers’ unboxing experience?

Find out more details about Super-Agent’s AR capabilities in this super-story. For your reading pleasure, we introduce “SUPER AGENT – Stopping Smart Product Returns from Ruining Christmas Sales.

Click here to download a copy of this limited-edition Holiday-themed comic.

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