Oracle + TechSee Integrate to Support the Next Generation Of Field Service Operations

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TechSee Oracle

Field Service leaders are at a crossroads. There is a greater need to meet customer demand while keeping up with innovation. Not only are your competitors looking for new ways to deliver better contact and field center service, they also need ways to keep costs down in this new financial climate. With all of these factors affecting the field service sector, it’s no surprise that more companies are embracing AI to improve the productivity of their field agents.

This new approach provides contact centers, service centers, and field agents the ability to automate at scale without sacrificing service, customer satisfaction, or even your employee satisfaction. TechSee and Oracle together have solved new challenges that arise from a visionless service model. Many employees and customers feel overwhelmed with multiple interfaces and complex processes involved with trying to provide customer solutions, but that has changed.

Techsee is excited to announce it is working with Oracle. Going to the market with a cloud first company like Oracle is a no-brainer. TechSee Live, integrated with Oracle Field Service, is the new secret weapon in visual solutions for field service. Together, this platform is able to provide agents with augmented reality guidance on their mobile devices over a patented, instant video stream.

Service automation enhanced by computer vision AI can identify specific parts, diagnose issues, and provide augmented reality guidance for your field agents and customers instantly on their mobile devices without the need to download an application. This connected and flexible platform gives agility to field service agents, 3rd-party systems, and contact centers with visual functionality without the need to download an application. The ability to instantly launch a visual engagement session provides the customer with the best in class customer experience.
TechSee’s David Troll sat down with Jeff Wartgow from Oracle to talk about where they see the market going, how AI is shaping the next generation of field service workers, and what is next for the two companies.


Ari Rosenstein, VP Marketing

Ari Rosenstein, VP Marketing

Ari Rosenstein is a tech-savvy marketing and sales leader and served as Consultant to help several start-ups such as AppsFlyer, Similarweb, Adquant and Kenshoo expand globally before joining TechSee as VP of Marketing. Ari has an MBA from the Interdisciplinary Center, and dual majors from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.


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