AI Customer Service Statistics Indicate More Efficient Support and Happier Customers

TechSee presents AI customer service statistics that illustrate the success of AI technology in customer support

AI technologies have successfully transformed customer care, using smart automation to provide win-win solutions for both customers and agents.

As of 2017, these technologies have delivered cost reductions of $68 billion and a 300% growth in AI investments. AI customer service statistics predicted enhanced CX with 85% of customer interactions to be through robots in 2020. Research has also shown higher agent productivity with 80% of executives reporting that they believe AI will improve employee performance going forward.

Use of AI across various platforms

AI can be highly effective in assisted service mode, to route customer inquiries, help agents interpret inputs, and assist the agent with decision support tools. It can also be helpful in self-service mode, where the customers interact exclusively with bots that are able to guide them to self-resolution. AI can even be utilized in a hybrid of these two platforms.

AI empowers agents 

In Assisted Service mode, agents benefit from a range of sophisticated AI technologies, such as:

  • Smart routing and classification
  • Content identification
  • Predictive analytics
  • Smart monitoring and training

These technologies empower agents with automation capabilities, allowing them to enhance their customer care reach.

For example, agents can streamline insurance claims, and provide interactive real-time guidance on filling out claim documentation and resolving billing issues. This is especially cost efficient with the reported service costs reduction of implementing RPA standing at 75%.

Bots assist customers

In Self Service mode, AI can increase the efficiency of the automation, where customers can effectively solve issues by themselves with no need to wait for a human customer care representative. Using intelligence conversational platforms such as Chatbots, Visual Bots, Conversational IVR and Smart FAQ, AI can analyze customers’ responses, narrowing down the range of possible scenarios both in identifying the problem as well as in guiding to the resolution.

Hybrid solution for optimized decision making

Hybrid solutions enable humans and machines to work together, where issues beyond the capacity of a bot can be escalated to a human agent. Using machine learning, these solutions can understand a wide range of inputs and select the next best course of action. The technology learns from previous cases and improves with time, optimizing decision-making support and helping to overcome human cognitive limitations.

AI customer service statistics say it all

The steady progress toward deeper implementation of AI within the contact center is inevitable.

Is your organization positioned for success?

To learn more about how AI can help your customer care increase efficiency, reduce labor intensity and enhance customer satisfaction. See this useful infographic for more insights on the benefits of AI in customer care.


AI in Customer Care Infographic
Liad Churchill, VP Product Marketing
Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning expert, Liad Churchill, brings depth of knowledge in marketing smart technologies.

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