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As part of our Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day initiatives, we asked our own TechSee Super Women to highlight some of the amazing leaders in the technology, service, and support industries who inspire them, have helped grow their careers, or simply deserve to be celebrated for being awesome.

1. Elizabeth Parks, President, and CMO, Parks Associates – We never miss a new post or research from Elizabeth and her team. Elizabeth has been leading the conversation on how our new connected homes and devices are changing how we live and documenting service evolution for nearly 25 years.

2. Taksina Eammano, EVP & GM Field Service, Salesforce – Taksina is leading the conversation in applying AI and workflow to manage cost, and improve field service delivery while improving the customer experience for Salesforce’s Field Service Business. Taksina is shaping the future of service and how businesses will embrace and adopt technology to deliver incredible outcomes

3. Dr. Marlene Kolodziej, DBA, ITIL, Senior Vice President, Service Delivery, Ricoh – Recently highlighted as a CX Innovator, Dr. Marlene is a champion for customer and employee experience, driving the adoption of technology, experience engagement, and process to accelerate and shape digital transformation.

4. Colleen Beers, Chief Administrative Officer, Alorica – Colleen is leading a culture that celebrates rich diversity and is intent on driving excellence. She is a visionary leader and change agent with more than 20 years of experience successfully transforming contact center programs, centers, and regions to achieve breakthrough results.

5. Carol B. Tomé, CEO, UPS – A couple of years ago, Carol shared a photo of four generations of her family. Her Great Grandmother was a Wyoming homesteader. Fast forward to today, Carol leads the iconic UPS brand. Carol’s tireless advocacy for pay equity, leadership in trying times (cold supply chain anyone?), and commitment to sustainable business practices improvements are unparalleled.

6. Charlon McIntosh, CCO, Frontier – A savvy senior leader, skilled in building cooperative working relationships, driving productivity and operational excellence, Charlon motivates others to deliver superior performance results. She combines expertise in operations management, finance, customer operations, strategy development and execution, complex problem solving, and large organization leadership with complex negotiation, analytical, and interpersonal skills.

7. Kate Johnson, President & CEO, Lumen Technologies – Kate has a proven track record of driving business and digital transformation success at the world’s top Fortune 100 technology companies. Hyper-focused on moving innovation and shareholder value forward, Kate leads with the strategic and go-to-market skills developed over 20 years as a growth-oriented B2B enterprise technology disruptor. Kate champions digital innovations that create the best customer experience and solutions.

8. Luana Matchett, Product Owner, Vodafone – A 20-year veteran of Vodafone, Luana is the Manager of the Knowledge management team at Vodafone UK. She is responsible for customer help and support journeys, internal application portfolios, and on-site searches. Luana is a fearless advocate for digitization and adopting emerging technologies within Telecom.

9. Serpil Timuray, CEO Europe Cluster and Member of Group Executive Committee, Vodafone – Serpil inspires us with her advocacy to close the global digital divide. More than 264 million women are absent from digital society, mobile internet access opens opportunities for women to start businesses, improve their education, and access better healthcare. We were excited to see her leading the conversation at MCW23 last week.

10. Deborah Woods, Contact Center Manager, Costa Express Limited – With a strong track record of exceeding business metrics and a leader who can influence people at all levels and negotiate effectively, Deborah is a professional, goal-oriented people manager. With 20 years of contact center experience, she has successfully delivered results in the demanding, fast-paced contact center environment.

11. Tabinda Khan, TELUS International – Tabinda leads GTM activities for TELUS International as their Senior Digital Solutions Product Marketing Manager. She is also an active member of the Women in AI Canada group, participating in mentorships, events, & talk shows. She volunteers her contribution, working towards shaping inclusive AI for our shared future that inspires more women and minorities to become AI experts, innovators, and leaders – emphasizing responsible use of artificial intelligence.

12. Elizabeth Allanson, Strategy Manager, Costa Coffee – Elizabeth is a Transformation Manager responsible for implementing operational changes and delivering measurable improvements. She is also an experienced National Account Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry.

13. Elizabeth Dixon, Customer Experience Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur – As an experienced leader of business and people development, Elizabeth has demonstrated a history of shifting corporate culture, creating strategy, leading teams to implement, and measuring impact. Specific areas of expertise include Customer Experience, Hospitality, Culture, Wellness, and Entrepreneurship. She is a true customer experience luminary and visionary.

14. Caroline Yap, Director of AI Practice, Google Cloud – Caroline’s team accelerates customer transformations with AI and Industry Solutions, including Contact Center AI (CCAI), Vertex AI, and DocAI. Before joining Google Cloud, Caroline was Field CIO & Partner at Dell Technologies. With an extensive and diverse background in applied infrastructure across networking, security, and cloud, Caroline is passionate about helping customers innovate.

15. Genia Wilbourn, Senior Vice President – Global Customer Operations, Verizon – Genia has won multiple awards, is a great leader, and worked her way up to a senior role at Verizon. With a proven track record for designing and executing complex business strategies, she has achieved corporate objectives in engineering, operations, and customer service. Genia is a change agent and problem solver, and an expert at developing and motivating highly effective, cross-functional, cross-cultural global teams.

16. Patricia Smith, VP of Customer Support, Hotwire Communications – Patricia was a finalist at the 2023 Stevie Awards for Customer Service, as Woman of the Year. She is the key driver in providing the vision, direction, and leadership to lead the Hotwire Communications Service Center.

17. Mandy Esposito, Senior VP Operations, Hotwire Communications – A strategically focused leader with a knack for incorporating Emotional Intelligence principles into procedures and policies, Mandy focuses on business transformation initiatives that impact business performance and customer experience.

18. Stacy Sherman, Customer Experience & Marketing Executive – In a world where impersonal interactions are the norm, Stacy is devoted to creating superior customer experiences (CX) & loyalty through empowered, engaged employees & service agents. She helps people do CX right, not just talk about it, based on 25 years of experience as a strategist and practitioner.

19. Mary Kidd, Customer Operations Leader, – Congratulations to Mary for winning the silver award for 2023 Sales & Customer Service Woman of the Year in Customer Service at the 17th annual Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service ceremony. She has dedicated the past 8+ years to building operations teams and bridging the gap across departments and subsidiaries.

20. Jeanne Bliss, CEO Customer Bliss – Jeanne Bliss guides companies to achieve business growth through leadership bravery and elevated business practices. She is known globally for transforming businesses. A 5-time Chief Customer Officer and coach to over 20,000 leaders, her techniques are field-tested and proven.

21. Ami Palan, Senior Managing Director, Accenture – Ami Palan likes to employ a simple philosophy, especially when solving client issues. “It’s not the loudest idea that wins. It’s really about the collaboration of different ideas and innovations coming together”. Called the Master of Change in Silicon Valley magazine’s series focused on Women in Tech, Innovation, and Sustainability, Ami is a fierce advocate for transformation, customer experience, dynamic thinking, and playing a leading role in giving back to the community.

22. Dana Strong, Group Chief Executive Officer at Sky – Dana became the Group Chief Executive of Sky in 2021. She has led transformation and growth for many of the world’s largest media and telecommunication companies spanning three continents. Over more than 20 years, she has managed both cable and satellite businesses and is recognized for her track record for accelerating growth. Dana’s commitment to mentoring illuminates the path to the next generation of leaders.

23. Sabine Pognon, Business Development, TechSee – Our very own BDR, Sabine inspires our team daily with her positive attitude and eagerness to challenge herself and her teammates. Sabine was recently recognized as a nominee for Sales Confidence’s TOP 50 UK SDR Managers of 2022.

We recognize these amazing people, not just because they are women but for their impressive rise to success and the leadership values they demonstrate to all of us.
Who else would you add to this list?


Jessica Labaire

Jessica Labaire

Passionate marketing professional with expertise in technology, brand marketing, business management, strategy, advertising, and startups, Jessica Labaire is Head of Partner Marketing at TechSee.


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