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Avoid bad customer reviews

Reputation Is Everything — Eight Apps To Avoid Bad Customer Reviews

When it comes to business, reputation is everything. Consumers have never had more choice — It’s essential to polish every part of your customer offerings to perfection — The product/service itself, your online presence, technical support — Everything matters. Consumers have a huge amount of influence, especially when they write reviews and leave negative feedback […]

Millennial chats online

The Quick Guide for #CHAT with #MILLENNIALS — 10 Rules Your Brand Should Never Break

Unlike previous generations, more than half of Millennials prefer chat support to phone support. Millennials are multi taskers, often juggling multiple chats at once, and are in constant communication with their peers, family – and yes, businesses. The slang they use in chat is unique to them, with abbreviations, emoticons, and a sense of humor […]

Customer Service Bots

Customer Service Innovation — Five Bot Solutions You Should Know About.

  Customer service and support is going through a radical change — Consumers demand faster responses, more control, and solutions at their fingertips; businesses want to meet those demands, reduce their customer service overhead, improve customer care, and lower their support costs. Not surprisingly, it’s innovative technology that’s bridging the gap. One of the biggest […]

Millennial chatting tech support

12 Tips to Prepare Your Tech Support for Millennials

Millennials are the group reshaping our lives and leading humanity’s digital transformation. They affect the way we do business, communicate, socialize, and even how we fall in love. The key to their influence is technology. Millennials use it to mediate between themselves and reality. However, this new form of interaction is disrupting all of our […]

Augmented Visual Support

Showing Vs. Telling – How Augmented Visual Support is Transforming Customer Service

As the global economy is turning consumer-centric, customer service is becoming a main differentiator for brands. It’s no surprise then that customer satisfaction is a main KPI for most call centers. In this new reality, it is vital to keep up with consumer demands to ensure customer retention, engagement and satisfaction. As a result, we […]

Will Bots become the future of Customer Service?

Last Bot Standing…Will bots win the war for customer service?

Servicing your customers is a tough job. On the one hand your customers deserve and demand the best possible service, using their preferred communication channel they expect their issue to be resolved right away. Meeting these expectations in today’s market place means significant investments in manpower