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how client self service portals improve customer experience

Choosing Your Self Service Portal Solution

  Businesses across all industries have recognized the importance of dedicated customer self service portals to improve brand image, give customers control over their time, immediate access to information about their products and services and their usage, and save your company’s customer service teams time and other resources.   What is a Client Self Service […]

how to apply chatbots

Get Started with Chatbots – No Omelet Without Breaking an Egg

Chatbots have had their up and downs this last year, their initial performance caused understandable disappointment compared to the Hype. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on them. In fact you might want to consider the opposite. Gartner predicts that “By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without […]

10 Tips for Implementing Innovative Technology into Your Call Center

The pace of the tech evolution is picking up. If you keep on top of your latest tech solutions (whatever your industry) and are trying to figure out the right product for you, one of the main challenges you have to overcome is identifying a solution that will still be relevant for the next year, […]

Two Innovative Help Desk Solutions You MUST Implement in 2017

These days, customers expect nothing less than excellent customer service. If you can’t meet those expectations, customers will respond with their dollars and cents by taking their business elsewhere. To compete in today’s economy, not to mention have a chance to experience real growth, it’s time you take customer support seriously. Consider this sobering fact: […]

Innovation is key

The Real Teamviewer Problem Is Not Security

When Teamviewer was first launched in 2005, it looked poised to dominate the industry with its innovative technology. And dominate it did, surviving the latest (I know what you all did last summer) security breach which sent flocks of users on the path of looking for a more secure option but did not make a […]

CCTR Manger must have qualities

Lion of The Call Center – Must Have Qualities For Digital Era CC Manager

  Globalization and technological innovation are fundamentally changing many different businesses, and the business of customer-support Call Centers is no exception. Call Centers are transforming, becoming digital cloud based operations while growing ever-more important within the business they serve.  These changes affect Contact Centers budgets, technologies used, and of course requirements from its personnel and […]

Teamviewer Alternative

Augmented Reality: Redefining Remote Technical Support

What used to be thought of as science fiction has come to fruition in today’s world thanks to the technological advancements of the last 25 years. Think about artificial intelligence, smart phones, touch screens – these can be found everywhere. While we enjoy all of this tech every day, we have also become increasingly reliant […]

top call center technology 2017

Experts Share Their Top Choice for 2017 Contact Center Technology  

  Technology is reshaping our lives at a pace beyond anything we’ve previously experienced. New technologies are introduced every year and they are forming our reality in new and exciting ways. Customer Service is responsible for keeping those technologies working but, at the same time, it is reliant on technology to continue doing so in […]

Contact Center Good Luck friday the 13th

Friday the 13th. 13 Tips to Avoid Bad Luck in a Call Center

  When Friday the 13th shows up the first month of the new year, it’s definitely an omen to take seriously. And for contact centers, that means getting all your stuff aligned to avoid the possibility of a hex or getting jinxed in 2017. So, if you’re planning a successful year which includes only happy […]